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Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre's 27th Annual Tent Sale Success! 

Each year Shelburne Home Hardware Building Center Hosts it's Tent Sale Event and every year, the Shelburne Community and passers by enroute to Collingwood on Highway 124 cannot help but stop, check in and save money.  Each year there is a Charity BBQ and Country 105 was present, adding just the right atmosphere for a wonderful sunny day of shopping and savings.  Congratulations to Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre for yet another fantastic May Long Weekend of community support through wonderful savings! Be sure to check out the weekly flyer with the link above. 

Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre's Kids Day With Santa Was Fun! Fun! Fun!

Shelburne Home Hardware & Building Centre's

 Kids Day With Santa Empowered Kids To Able To 

Shop For Affordable Presents On Their Own Terms! 

Local Kids Had a real treat visiting Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre's Kid's Day With Santa. A special shopping area was set up in the Garden Centre where Kids could shop for presents that they could afford. (specially chosen by Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre) Kids could then get a selfie with Santa and his helper Elf on the way over to the Shelburne Home Hardware Kitchen where cookies where kids decorated cookies into their own masterpieces of delectable delight! 

This event will very likely become an annual tradition as Kids will be looking forward to the fun experience each year. 

Way To Go Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre, Remembering our smallest Shelburnites During Christmas!

Don't forget to visit Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre and participate in their Donate A Plate initiative in support of local Breakfast Programs in Shelburne and area local Schools. 

Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre & Ladies Night 2016
Photographic Highlights 

Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre's Ladies Night is an annual event the community can set their clocks by! Everyone wants to attend the evening of great food, great savings, gift treats and winning big! If you haven't attended this event, you should be prepared to meet someone you know. In 2015, just over 125 people attended this event despite the snow storm they faced to in order to attend. This year the event saw 200 people in attendance. People were lined up to take advantage of this community event which is really all about Shelburne. From the most excellent staff, the product Shelburnites want and need, right down to the general point, actually knowing people and caring, Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre has it all. Not just a social gathering, but a family night out, filled with fun, the hunt for a great deal, meeting up with old friends and that unique personal dynamic changes Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre from a retail store to a community safe haven, filled with everything you need to build your home, make it safe, decorate it, keep it warm and completing the circle, referring back to it's name, Shelburne "Home" Hardware Building Centre. 

And that's not all!

The announcement was made on the evening of November 22, 2016, Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre will once again be participating in helping Shelburne and local area's Breakfast Programs with their Donate A Plate Initiative hoping to repeat and surpass last year's wonderful success and store owner Bill Gillam, again promises to match all fund raised up to $5000. (Scroll down to see how well the initiative did last year.) The grand total in 2015 of $12,500 raised went to five local area district schools and was greatly appreciated. 

Congratulations to Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre's wonderful success in Ladies Night 2016!!! See you all next year!

Video customer account coming soon! 

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                    Sunday, September 4, 2016

Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre's 27th Annual Tent Sale!

Having Fun Saving Money!
Don't Miss Out!

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                          Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Not Just A Fantastic Tent Sale of Savings At Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre
Over May Long Weekend! 
$1000 Raised For Diabetees Summer Camp For Kids With Diabetes

May long weekend was a very busy weekend for Shelburnites, especially for those who took advantage of Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre's  26th Annual Tent Sale Event. 

What Shelburnites may not realize, is that each year, Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre's BBQ Tent also raises money for charitable organizations during it's Annual Tent Sale Event and this year, Dufferin Diabetees (Summer Camp For Children With Diabetees) was the beneficiary of $1000 raised with a BBQ. David Markle, locally famous semi-pro golfer turning Pro, spearheaded both the Camp and the Day of Champions Annual Golf Tournament, as Markle himself lives with Type I Diabetes and is keen to provide a 'normal ' camp experience to kids with Diabetes. For more information visit

What's involved in raising money for Charity?

"I donated all the food. We gave away 1100 hot dogs and 1500 drinks in 2 days," commented owner of Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre, Bill Gillam. Sound generous? By reputation alone, once Gillam is in-he is all in! Earlier in the year Gillam and staff raised thousands of dollars for local breakfast programs proving their commitment is both serious and genuine. Be Sure to visit Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre's weekly flyer as Summer Savings continue. Click on photo (R) featuring Centre( Lto R) David Markle and holding check, Bill Gillam surrounded by dedicated Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre Employees.

Click above to visit Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre's Facebook & Twitter Pages! 

Above Photographs generously provided by 

Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre. 

Below: Featured Highlights From Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre's
Annual Tent Sale Event May 2016
Photos below by Alex Sher

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                          Saturday, April 9, 2016

Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre's
Where You Will find Spring!

"Spring has sprung in the store
 and here's the latest displays
 with more new merchandise to see
 in the store!"
Bar Signs
for all occasions
 with the newest 
in cave fashion!"
"The hottest trend in the store
 and the most increased line assortment
 taking up two areas is a must see!
The cast iron hooks, latches 
and assortment of hardware is here!"

Special Thanks To Shelburne Home Hardware & Building Centre
 For Their Continued Support As
The Shelburne Freelancer's First Continuing Proud Sponsor! 
Helping Shelburne's First Online Newspaper Reach 21,605 Views Strong!

Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre Owner, Bill Gillam 
Receives Community Excellence Award From The Town Of Shelburne
Monday, March 7, 2016!

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                       Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What's New In January 2016? Feeling The Decorating Blahs? 
Visit Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre's Home Expressions !

Scroll down to find links to current flyers and savings!

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                            Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Shelburne And Area Breakfast Club Programs Receive Huge Round Of Support From Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre Team To The Tune Of $12,500!

When Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre announced it's commitment to raise money for local schools' Breakfast Programs, Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre owner, Bill Gillam promised to match money raised, dollar for dollar up to $5000 in the hopes of making a serious positive impact with the help of the community participating in the fundraising incentive, "Donate A Plate" as seen covering the walls of the store in the above photograph. 

Now, that hope has come to fruition and then some! Proud to make the check presentation of a whopping $12,500, Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre Staff surrounded Breakfast Club Representatives from several local schools on January 7, 2015. (LtoR: back)  Vern Lorenz, Greg Patton (Contractor), Ross Fines, Holly Thompson, Jayme Ariss(Middle) Sandy Harron, Joanne Carroll, James Gordon, Brenda Schildt. Dean Hannath, Helen Cambray, Sandi Cechet (Front) Bill Gillam, owner of Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre, representatives of Breakfast Club Programs from Local schools,Tara McCabe, Kit Stewart, Victoria Crandall, Carole Gillam, Nicole Patton, Anita Macfarlane.

Contrary to popular belief the breakfast programs are not necessarily a needed service based on a suggestion of poverty but rather a community shift in social structure. In some situations, parents find there just isn't enough time allowing for breakfast in the hectic morning schedule. While some children actually suffer poverty and breakfast programs offer what might be their only meal that day, other children simply enjoy eating breakfast with their friends in a comfortable,safe environment with their peers, and that meets a very real need as well. Ensuring that no child goes hungry is a wonderful way to ensure a bright future for the community of Shelburne. Suffice to say that Gillam is beyond pleased to be able to impact the need to feed children in such a positive way and credits the success of the fundraiser to his staff, faithful customers, and the community. A key factor that truly went a long way to comfort donators was the fact that the money stays local and it most certainly does! 

What a legacy! One can only imagine what Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre will do next!

Photographs for this article generously provided by Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre.


Working Together 

To Make Sure 

Our Kids Never 

Start TheiSchool Day Hungry!

(LtoR)Tara McCabe (Program Coordinator, Hyland Heights Breakfast Program), Kit Stewart (Program Coordinator, Glenbrook Breakfast Program), Victoria Crandall (Principal, Centennial Hylands Breakfast Program), Bill Gillam, Anita Macfarlane (Community Program Director, Food and Friends, The Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington),  Nicole Patton (Program Coordinator, Primrose Breakfast Program)
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The Shelburne Freelancer                                                        Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What's New For January? 
With Christmas under our belts, Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre is already full of new ideas and specials offering a wide variety of must see home decor specialty items. Scroll down to visit their website or visit them on facebook. 

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                              Friday, December 11, 2015

It's The Good Stuff !

Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre's "Donate A Plate Challenge" 
In Support of  Surrounding Area School's Breakfast Club Programs Is Off To An Astonishing Start!






Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre's "Donate A Plate Challenge" in support of local and surrounding area Schools' Breakfast Club Programs is off to an astonishing start. The challenge was announced during Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre's Annual Ladies Night held on November 24, 2015, where store owner, Bill Gillam pledged he would match any donation, dollar for dollar up to $5000. 

In only two weeks Gillam now has 2000 reasons to share his good news and encourage the community to help out. 

"I just rolled $2000!" a very pleased Gillam announced in his recent update which included the amount had been raised in only ten days.

Money is not the only change. With this kind of raising awareness, volunteers are coming forward to do their part as well. Volunteers from a local Hockey Team are helping out too. (Below: Progress made in just ten days!)



(L) Bill Gillam, Owner of Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre updating the chart marking progress, referencing money earned for the "Donate A Plate" challenge in support of Shelburne and surrounding area schools' Breakfast Club Programs. Gillam hopes other businesses will also take part in the challenge assuring its success. 

Should the challenge carry on going full force, a very happy Bill Gillam will be handing over $5000 and that will bring in $10,000 for the Breakfast Clubs Programs. 

What a great way to reach out to the Shelburne Community and see this kind of absolute caring, ensuring no child will have to attend school hungry!  

Will the next update Headline read,

"The Community Of Shelburne Helped

Owner of Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre, Bill Gillam,

 Raise $10,000 In Support of School Breakfast Club Programs!"

We Can Help Make This Happen!

Scroll down to see the people who work tirelessly every day managing 

School Breakfast Programs in Shelburne and surrounding area.

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                              Wednesday, November 25, 2015.

Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre


Ladies Night 2015! 

(LtoR)Bill & Carol Gillam, Owners of Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre and staff worked tirelessly to bring together their annually celebrated and much anticipated, LADIES NIGHT!

This Event Is So Out Of This World, 

You Need A Passport! 

Over 150 women filled the aisles of Shelburne Home Hardware  Building Centre attending their annual event, Ladies Night 2015. Upon registration, attendees received a passport. When visiting certain workshops and information tutorials which were short and informative, ladies received a sticker which was placed in their passports and upon completion, passports were added to a collection where names drawn won prizes at the end of the evening!

From learning about flooring to DIY Christmas present ideas in the paint department, there was something for everyone and all at 20% off for the night. 

A quick look at the photographic highlights below tells the story of this event being more than just a sale as old friends bumped into each other making this event a community gathering over savings, treats, and also enjoying the live performance of the Pinky Swear Quartet. 

Ladies Night Success!

Very Great News For Breakfast Club Program! 

Shelburne Home Hardware's Ladies Night was the perfect backdrop to announce Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre's big news for the Breakfast Program. In the hope other businesses will follow by example, Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre Owner, Bill Gillam is offering to donate dollar for dollar up to $5000 for every person who comes into his store, purchases a fork(later changed to a paper plate) for $1(which will be mounted onto a wall display) and will be donating the money to the local Breakfast Clubs in the Shelburne School District.  This program is essential to the success of today's youth and this generous offer will go a long way to support them.

"Breakfast Clubs in Shelburne thank Bill Gillam, Owner Of Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre for putting out the challenge to our community to support breakfast clubs here at home by making a donation that Bill at Home Hardware, will match dollar for dollar up to to $5000!  

Our programs welcome all students to breakfast club and each donation made will help to make a difference to the students who we welcome.  Thank you Bill, and thank you Shelburne, we know you will meet Bill's challenge!!

Tara Bernard-McCabe".

(LtoR )Kit Stewart, Glenbrook Elementary Breakfast Club, Vicky Crandall, Principal of Highland Heights Elementary, Heather Verpaale, Nutrition Program Manager of Food And Friends, Owner of Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre, Bill Gillam, Nicole Patton, Primrose Elementary Breakfast Club. Tara Bernard-McCabe, Highland Heights Elementary Breakfast Club, and Shelburne Mayor Ken Bennington.

(L)Thinking outside the box, the practical shopper, the multi-tasker, or just plain thinking of baking with the "end" result in mind, whatever you call it Ladies Night Shopper, Susan Haire was taking advantage of great savings! 

Looking around Shelburne Home Hardware on Ladies Night, this youngster couldn't help but  wonder, "Hey, can I have something, anything, just one thing?"

Click on the white arrow to hear

 Pinky Swear Quartet 

perform live!

Some Photographic Highlights 
(Scroll down to find the names of the lucky winners of the evening!)

And The Winners Are?

And that 

was not the end of the evening! 

Upon exiting everyone was

 given a "Thanks for coming"

 goody pail filled with great 


Mark your Calendars Ladies, 

Next November Is Right Around

The Corner!

Special thanks to Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre for being an Official Proud Sponsor of 

The Shelburne Freelancer

Sharing Shelburne With The World! 

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Christmas Items Have Arrived!

Special Message From Store Owner, Bill Gillam

"The event is held on Tuesday November 24, at 6:30 pm. Registration at the Kitchen Design Centre across from the store. There will be sandwiches, treats and beverages provided.Ladies night ends at 9 pm with exciting draws. Anyone can win $1000 in-store credits and there are also several prizes and give- a-ways! 'How To Do Seminars' are also included throughout the evening."                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ~Bill Gillam

Customers can call 519-925-3991 and ask for Bonnie or Lynn in the Paint Department.

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The Shelburne Freelancer                                                                          Friday, October 30, 2015

Shelburne Home Hardware  Building Centre's Massive Donation To 
Habitat for Humanity Orangeville Restore 
To The Tune Of $20, 000 Retail Value! 
It's "The Good Stuff!"

Thursday, October 29, 2015 was a very big day for the Habitat for Humanity Orangeville Restore organisation at they accepted a very large donation from Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre to the tune of $20,000 retail value in product. (Lto R) Habitat for Humanity Orangeville Restore, Salvage & Donations Co-ordinator, Stephen MacLean, Alyssa Arsenault, Orangeville Restore Sales Floor Co-Ordinator, Shelburne Home Hardware  Building Centre's Owner, Bill Gillam, Habitat for Humanity, Director of Retail Operations, Nancy Frazer,  Shelburne Home Hardware  Building Centre's Receptionist, Stephanie Amaral, Ross Rintoul, Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre Store Manager, Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre's Head of the Paint Department, Bonnie Emmons, and Gord Tait, Garden Centre Head at Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre for 25 years.

The Habitiat for Humanity Orangeville Restore located at 202 First Street in Orangeville is a well known organization usually recognized as a U.S volunteer based organization building homes for those in need, but Canada is also filling that void as Director of Retail Operations, Nancy Frazer explains. " We cover areas from Wellington, throughout Dufferin and Guelph. We are actually almost finished our 24th home located in Guelph. We've built homes in Orangeville as well. As we are volunteer based and the retail stores basically cover administrations costs, the donation from Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre will go a long way towards funding for homes. Aside from administration costs, 100% of funds raised goes towards building new homes."

Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre was proud to donate over $20,000 worth of product, retail value.

So how does it work? People donate to the retail outlet, customers purchase items and the money earned goes towards building houses for those in need. Typically, the Orangeville Restore although very busy, does not receive donations as large as the donation from Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre. 
Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre Owner, Bill Gillam expressed a keen interest in donating to an organization that builds houses for those in need, commenting, " We had product left over from our annual yard sale event and it's all stuff people can use. It's great to know the product will be going towards this company building homes." Items such as lighting products, door handles, electrical products to household items are all very useful items that Orangeville Restore can truly benefit from, however they were not expecting such a large, generous donation and expressed their gratitude.
"This is so incredible of the Shelburne Home Hardware Team! Their support will go a very long way to help us build new homes," commented Nancy, Frazer. And Orangeville Restore is full of great finds. Not like thrift shopping, but rather, anything you can imagine re-purposing, to redecorating, or just realize you cannot live without that wonderful high quality furniture at such great prices. The turn around rate is very fast, that is to say, often within the same hour an item arrives, it may be on it's way to it's new home. Below an example of only some of the items you may find at the Orangeville Restore on any given day. 

Last year alone, over 700 volunteers contributed over 17,000 hours volunteering. "We are blessed to work with such incredible volunteers. Store volunteers also help build homes, as we help develop skills in our Volunteer Building Program as our way of giving back. Some volunteers find themselves out of work, or just need a new skill set and these programs help them to become marketable in the way of employment opportunities. Students can work off their volunteer hours with us while attaining skills and all volunteers take part in our safety training as keeping everyone safe is of course, a huge concern for us," commented Frazer.

Habitat for Humanity Celebrates It's Very First Rebuild in Guelph

(L)Watch the exclusive video interview with Habitat for Humanity and see what they have to say about Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre's wonderful contribution to helping them to build homes for families in need. What a Legacy! Shelburne Proud! 

For more information visit Orangeville Restore at 202 First St, Unit 1, Orangeville, ON, L9W 3K1,call: 519-415-4500 or visit the Habitat for Humanity website by clicking on the button above the video. 

By donating to Habitat for Humanity Orangeville Restore, and the more people who purchase from the outlet, a home like this could be re-built for a family in need, providing a life changing sense of security and family. We can all help in this way, following the example of Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre, making a difference! 

Shelburne Home Hardware & Building Centre 
Is An
Official Proud Sponsor Of The Shelburne Freelancer

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The Shelburne Freelancer                                                                                             October 2015

Shelburne Home Hardware & Building Centre's 
new Home Expressions Centre hits a home run with decorators!

Shelburne Home Hardware

Building Centre Update: 

Shelburne Home Hardware & Building Centre's New Look ! 

Wider and taller, more spacious and more to offer. Does it get any better than that? Indeed it does! The store's Home Expression Centre is a decorator's dream. From conceptual designs, building, to finishing touches, everything you need is at Shelburne Home Hardware and Building Centre. 

See What's new for Fall Decor in Home Expressions 

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