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Shelburne's 4th Annual 
PICKIN IN THE PARK Event of 2016

Photo above depicts how many came to Fiddle Park to camp out and enjoy Shelburne's Pickin In The Park Event 2016. The photo above was taken on Thursday, July 21st on the first day of welcoming guests. Below are featured highlights from the very engaging event that saw hundreds of people attend. The brain child of Greg and Heather Holmes of Holmes Appliances and Music Shop has grown in attendance each year and for good reason. Below, take a look at people you know attending, the ice cream socials, the silent auctions, Pickin at trailers in circles of friends, dancing,  a Men's Fashion Show like no other, meeting new friends and catching up with old friends. 

This event is also a fundraiser and the Holmes' have worked tirelessly, raising funds for a new Pole Barn on the grounds of Fiddle Park with the hope that construction is expected to begin in September 2016. The Pole Barn will be a terrific asset to the Town of Shelburne setting in place an additional, scenic venue for many different kinds of events in the future.  More information on funds raised will follow later in the week. 

More photographic coverage and video will follow this historic event that continues to grow and is putting Shelburne on the map as those who attended where from across Ontario.

The stories that will be featured as more highlights are added will touch hearts and that is the real reason for the continued success of Pickin In The Park, the heart of the matter, the people, the friendships, the great location, and of course, it's all about the music.  

In a nutshell, even the humid balmy weather did not deter the fun and excitement at Pickin In The Park 2016 and it was a RESOUNDING SUCCESS!!


Pickin At The Campsite ! 
Just another one of the many reasons 
Shelburne's annual Pickin In the Park Event
 is a must attend event for so many! 

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More Video Coverage Soon! 

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Find Out Why This St. Catherine's Couple  Will Keep Coming Back! 

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 It's All About The Love!

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A Men's Fashion Show Like Never Before! Video coming soon.

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More Highlights 

And There Is Still So Much More To Come! Enjoy!

Pickin In The Park 2016, Classic Car Lovers & The Stories They Tell About Life, Love, And The Time That Passes With True Friends.

Click on image (L) for more photographic coverage and article featured on our Classic Car Page. 

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