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The Shelburne Freelancer                                                             Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Shelburne Heritage Music Festival & The 66th Canadian Open Old time fiddle Championship Weekend Event Kicked Off With The Leahy's, The Next Generation And..

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        Attendance Numbers Are In: 

Next Generation Leahy: over 400

Jim Cuddy: over 700

Friday during the day: almost 200

Saturday Finals: almost 500

Sunday Gospel Church Service: 

almost 500

                                  Below are highlights from Thursday, August 4, 2016- Sunday, August 7, 2016 
                                                                 and are featured in the order they occurred. 
                                                     Please just keep scrolling down to see people you know! 
                                                           Look for even more video coverage coming soon! 
                                                                                   Keep checking in! 
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The Shelburne Freelancer                                                              Friday, August 6, 2016

Friday Morning began with the youngest competitors of the 66th Canadian Open Old time Fiddle Championship and one thing was made perfectly clear for our judges, Shelburne's Got Talent and this town is where people come to showcase it! Here are a few highlights and there is more video coverage on the way! Keep checking in.

This year's Master of Ceremonies, Scott Woods,(L) is no stranger to the stage or to the Canadian Open Old Time Fiddle Championships in Shelburne having competed here in his past. Woods is a famous trickster, a comedian and an all round entertainer with enough talent to keep you wanting more. A couple years ago, Scott Woods packed Tipling Stage Hall for a Christmas Performance that was so entertaining for the whole family, people were still laughing and giggling on their way out. 

This entertainer makes memories to cherish with his expertise in trickster fiddling, creating  a beautiful memory. Whether Woods is wearing a mitten while rolling on a barrel, playing behind his back and so many other unbelievable feats of talented playing, you have to see his show to believe it! If you get a chance to see this amazing talent live, take it!

Click on image (L) or below  to visit Woods' Website. The brief bio below comes from the The Scott Woods Band's Website and can explain how Woods' rich musical family history helps Woods exhibit the amazing and entertaining talent he continuously delivers. 

The 2016 Canadian Old Time Fiddle Championships Panel of Judges are:

(LToR) Matthew Johnston ,Jamie Bickle and Shane Cook. 

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The Jim Cuddy Band

And At Shelburne's Royal Canadian Legion 220 Branch, A Little Something For Everyone..

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The Shelburne Freelancer                                                      Saturday, August 6, 2016

The BIA Open Air Market

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The Shelburne Royal Canadian Legion 220 Branch, Serving Food & Having Fun!

The Shelburne Heritage Music Festival Parade 2016
See People You Know!

The Open Air Jamboree At Jack Downing Park

Centre Stage @ The Hall 
Live Performances Free To Attend!

Annual William Street Kristen Scott & Friends Live Performances

The Fiddle Finalists 2016

The Exceptional Sunday Gospel Service 2016
Featuring Shelburne's Fiddlers and Friends Including Scott Woods, 
Dundalk Resident, Ian Leith,
& Special Guests,The Torchmen!

This wonderful non-denominational service is a culmination of Shelburne & Area Ministerial Associations which includes Abiding Place Fellowship, St. Paul's Anglican Church, Bethel Bible Chapel, Trinity & Primrose United church, St. John's Catholic Church, Grace Church of the Nazarene. Crossroads Community Church and Compass Community Church.

Annual Agricultural Centre Pork BBQ & Open Air Market

(LtoR) Shelburne Councillor Walter Benotto Presenting the Town of Shelburne Portrait To The 66th Shelburne Canadian Open Old Time Fiddle Championship Champion, Greg Henry And Winner Of $1,500!

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