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The Shelburne Freelancer                                                        Monday, Spetember 28, 2015

See the Cars that attended the

 Shelburne Fall Fair 2015

A Must See! Fabulous turnout!

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                              Monday, August 17, 2015

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                         Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Shelburnite, Barry Uprichard (L) takes his 1967 Dodge Polara all over Dufferin County! Affectionately called Big Blue, this beauty has a 318 Poly big block, new tires but the rims are off a 1979 Chrysler, and this retired electrician has owned the car for the last 10 years. 

Big Blue's claim to fame comes as the car was featured in the movie Flash of Genuis (movie about guy who invented intermittent wipers) 

As with most Classic Car stories, Big Blue was once purchased in a trade for a snowmobile by Uprichard's brother-in-law who had it painted. Uprichard loves the size of the car and enjoys a smooth ride at 60 mph. Of course the size of the trunk makes this car worthy of a mafioso movie, and is an added treasured feature for Uprichards. 

From taillights to headlights, the sheer smooth lines of Big Blue are an engineering triumph. 

You don't see cars like Big Blue everyday! 

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                                  Monday, July 27, 2015

Classic Cars, Country Music, does it get any better than that? All this at Pickin in The Park 2015!

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                           Wednesday, July 22, 2015

This Canary Yellow, 1950 Ford Sedan

 just happens to be for sale!

It has a 350 Chevy Engine, matching transmission posi trac, power steering, front disc breaks,new stereo, some cosmetics have been made but otherwise, with only 5,300 miles on it, this beauty is a high performance racing car. Appraised at $32000, the asking price is $24000. If you are interested, call this number, 519-216-7633. Be sure to say you say it first on the Shelburne Freelancer! Sharing Shelburne With The World!

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                         Saturday, July 11, 2015

                A Before & "After-Life" Story That Will Knock Your Socks Off! 

           When It's Meant To Be, It's Meant To Be-Even If It Take 36 Years!

We've all heard the expression when discussing Classic Car owners, "He poured his heart and soul into that car!" This story will give pause to consider if there is any truth in that expression, and the truth might just surprise you. 

In 1973 Glen Webster purchased his dream car, a 1955 Chevrolet that had been modified for $500.  He quickly began hunting for parts to return the car to it's original state and spent a good part of his time at Vince's Auto Body, in Bolton, where it was painted, and such a rapport was formed with Webster and the owner of the Auto Body Shop that Webster was allowed to work on his car whenever he liked. 

Webster's love affair brought his search for parts to the United States for special Chrome parts, and many other products. But alas, another love affair pulled at Webster's heart strings and in 1977, he married who he describes as, "The most wonderful woman!" 

With a new young family in his future, Webster began considering selling the car to purchase something more practical.

       Glen Webster along side his 1955 Chevrolet in 2015.

Glen Webster's 

$500 dream car in 1973! 

Now, that's a before and after to be proud of! 

Bet he poured his heart and soul into that car!

Glen Webster, at this time never knew the part he would play in the history of this car 

as the real story begins to unfold.

 What a small world

 in which we live!

As it would turn out, a man named Ron Green, a car enthusiast very much like Webster himself was considering purchasing a Classic Car, but not just any car, the right car. Green worked in Brampton at an Automotive Shop in Parts and happened to mention to a co-worker and friend, Wayne Schack, that he was thinking about purchasing a Classic Car. What a small world! One of Schack's best friend's, a Glen Webster,  was thinking of selling his Classic Car and when mentioned, the three men just had to meet. Very similar to each other with regards to life's interests, Green and Webster struck a deal and off Webster's dream car went to its new home with a new owner who absolutely adored it. 

(L) A young, very happy, Ron Green seen photographed in the middle of his two friends who helped trailer the car off to it's new home in 1979. 
And a teary-eyed Webster looked on as he and the car parted ways. 
For years Webster thought about his dream car, thought about looking Green up, but convinced himself not to act on impulse and that Green might have sold the car, changed it, etc..

Fast forward to 2015, thirty-six years later, Webster would find his heart strings pulling him back to Classic Cars as a hobby and he purchased a 1948, Chevy Coupe. With restoration in mind, Webster began frequenting car shows, and swaps on the hunt for parts.
In the winter of 2015, Webster and his good friend, Marv Bookman attended a Swap Meet in Paris, ON. Bookman noticed a car for sale sign on the shop wall and convinced Webster the car in the photo might be his dream car from the 70's. What are the chances that thirty-six years later, the car that is for sale on a sign  in Paris, Ontario, could even remotely be the same car Webster had broken-heartedly parted ways with?
Curiosity overwhelming, unable to pass up the remote possibility, when Webster inquires, the person selling the car reveals they are selling it for a dear friend who had recently lost her husband and thought to mention the car is not for sale to just anyone. It would have to go to a good home.
Sad news to suspect, but Webster asked if the car had belonged to a man named Ron Green. To the person's astonishment, it did! Webster couldn't believe it telling the person he sold that car to Ron Green in 1979. Again to the person's absolute amazement, the person revealed that Ron Green had owned that car for 36 years! A heart pounding moment filled the air with electricity and goose-bumps as the person agreed to give Webster, Green's wife's phone number in order make inquiries about the car.
Meeting Green's wife, Fran, Webster was armed with photos of his dream car back in the day. Fran revealed, that for the last ten years sadly the car had been placed in storage due to an onslaught of health situations Ron had faced and she was sentimentally moved to see the photo Webster produced of himself standing along side his dream car in 1977. She immediately shows Webster a photograph of Ron Green with the car and to both their amazement and chills and goose-bumps, the two men bare similarities in stance, gesture and posture. 

(L to R) A young Glen Webster with his Dream Car and (R) a, very happy Ron Green with his Dream Car.

Fran Green discussed the sensitive issue of what to do with the car as it held such deep sentiment for her with regards to her late husband and his absolute passion for it revealing by all accounts, it was Green's Baby. Fran then took the opportunity to share part of a conversation she had with her husband when in hospital. Fran had asked Ron what he wanted to do with the car and his response, bewildered Fran, but she would try and not stray from his wishes. " Don't worry, the right guy's gonna come along and when he does, you'll wonder how all this is happening."

Truer words may not have ever been spoken as we, the readers, can only imagine the emotional moment that passed as both Webster and Fran stood looking at each other actually wondering how all of this did happen.

'The best damn parts man there ever was' had taken such good care of his Baby in life, is it such a great leap to imagine he wouldn't take care of his Baby after he had parted ways with it? After all, he had poured his heart and soul into that car!

And now back in his care, Webster plans to cherish his dream car and never part with it again. He hopes to keep the car in his family for generations to come and still believes that if it wasn't for his friend, Marv Bookman noticing the for sale sign in Paris, ON, he may never have been reunited with his car. In truth, one has to wonder, if the entire affair is all about the car. After all, this Classic Car has very special hearts and souls for passengers!

Special Thanks



Auto Centre Dufferin



Sharing This Wonderful Story!

(L To R) Classic Car Owner, Glen Webster & Owner of Auto Centre Dufferin, and long time friend, Steve Bowles.

Hear Glen Webster's account of just how his beloved 1955 Chevy found it's way back home 36 years later! Amazing true story!

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                                        Friday, July 10, 2015

This 1948 Ford 135 is enough to make you stop in your tracks!

This beauty showed up at the Shelburne BIA Farmer's Market, catching the eye of all who passed by. Owned by Amaranth couple, Bill and Cindy Spaans for only a few short years, this absolute feat of magnificence is, except for the tires, almost entirely in it's original state!

" We purchased it from a guy in Sarnia but it was originally sold to  a guy from the Windsor Star. After two years, it was traded back to the Ford Dealership and the owner of the dealership farmed, so he kept it for himself. It wasn't even used very much. It was later found parked in a barn and just needed to be cleaned up, dusted off.It has a V8 Engine and only 32,000 miles on it. There's even a original tire hanging in the back," commented Bill Spaans.

The Spaans enjoy using the vehicle and on this day, simply came to the Market for the enjoyable ride and also being business owners themselves, came to support the local economy and pick up great homemade food for dinner. Few can boast performing that simple task in such style! Thank You so much for sharing this timeless vehicle!

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                                       Friday, June 26, 2015

Oatman's Classic Car Show 2015

Oatman's Classic Car Show 2015 surpassed all expectations bringing in approximately 200 top notch examples of the best of the very best in Classic Cars, Hot Rods and so much more. Judges,  Dave Lacey of Stayner Clare Wright of Harriston Ron East of Shelburne, must have had an excruciating ordeal trying to narrow down odds trying to arrive at the winning vehicles. The Car Show took place during the Town of Shelburne's Heritage Day Festivities on June 20th and it's safe to say, the weather, the entertainment, the spectacle of jaw dropping beautiful array of vehicles lining Main Street in Shelburne was the perfect recipe to an absolutely wonderful and memorable day.

Didn't Make

 Oatman's Classic Car Show?

Take a virtual tour with 

The Shelburne Freelancer. 

Sharing Shelburne With The World! 

And the winners Are?!

The best Hot Rod trophy
was chosen and sponsored by Gary Brown
" Hot Rod Builders"

More Photos can be found on the Shelburne Heritage Page in the option bar.

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                                        Friday, June 19, 2015

Meet Big Buck's 




Classic Car Show 

June 20th

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                                       Thursday, June 18, 2015

Alf Ellis & His 1952 Ford F1 Pick Up

Alf Ellis had owned this beauty for only a year having purchased the vehicle out of Owen Sound. "It has a reconditioned engine and drive-train. It's actually made to look authentic, but it's completely new basically."

A rose by any other name is still called a rose! This beauty is definitely a sight to behold and according to Alf, she drives like a dream!!

This 1964 Triumph -Named that for a reason! What a Triumph!

Shy to be photographed, the owner of this amazing little taste of heaven, Dan Hutchinson,

 not too shy to drive this sweet ride! 

It's been fully restored, drives like new and looks fabulous! 

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                                          Friday, May 28, 2015

Meet Dundalk resident, Paul Banks and his 1931 Ford Coupe Hot Rod

Look who came to The Shelburne BIA's Farmer's Market! 

1931 Ford Coupe Hot Rod you will not want to miss! Video brought to by The Shelburne Freelancer! Sharing Shelburne With The world!

Getting Ready for Heritage Day's Classic Car and Motorcycle Show, 

these two things of beauty belonging to Oatman's were parked at 

Shelburne's BIA Farmer's Market on May 28th! Feast your Eyes! 

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                                     Thursday, May 7, 2015

Dufferin Auto Centre's Certified Rust Check Technician is the man to see for all your Rust Check needs and questions! 

Meet Mike Noel!

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The Shelburne Freelancer                                                                      Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Meet Jake.. 
And the classic Ford he allows his owner to drive!

Another Classic

 Found In Shelburne

Orangeville resident, Warren Bird is the proud owner of the this classic original Ford.  

Just out for a drive over the weekend of April 18, 2015, a man and his dog enjoyed a relaxing. sun filled, leisure drive in this 1965 Ford 100. 

Quite an eye catcher and with just about all classic car lovers there is something very different and special about this Ford.

Bird reveals he has owned the Ford for the passed five years and purchased it in California. He hasn't had to do much to it.

" We painted, it's got radial tires, and it's mostly original, commented Bird. 

Wait for it...wait for it..Bird continued, well except for the new leather seat my kids got me that matches a tattoo on my back." Well, that is something you don't hear or see every day! What kind of seat could it possible be? A lighting striking, wild horse, a namesake, a building, picture of his kids? Nope! For this Canadian, a Canadian Flag of course.

Usually protected by a blanket, the spectacular seat is a spectacle indeed!  Bird continues to explain,"It's a six cylinder standard, '3 on the tree!', Car guys know the expression, it's good for a laugh. 

"We're from around Orangeville and we were just driving around, , enjoying the day, just me and Jake. Sometimes when we go through Tim Horton's drive through, Jake likes to sit on the driver's side," commented Bird. Jake Bird, a Golden Retriever, flatly denied the comment until caught on film! 

What a great day for Warren and Jake Bird as they enjoyed one of the best sunny days we've seen yet. The Shelburne Freelancer would like to thank the Birds for sharing their love of classic cars and the stories about the people who love them. More photos below.

It's O.k., Jake.

We got this one figured out.

We know who 's in charge!

Thanks For Visiting Shelburne! 

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The Award Winning Hot Rod Called Big Bucks!

The usual response upon approaching this vehicle is,"WOW!, and for good reason. This Hot Rod exudes wow factor from start to finish of this rebuild. Owner, David Wilson of Timmins, Ontario had a vision and nothing would deter his ambition. It's fair to recount this journey with the expression, "From Guts To Glory" and it only takes one look at the ( as seen above) before photo submitted by Wilson to clearly understand how this now award winning Hot Rod earned the name,"Big Bucks!"

The rebuild for this 1931 Plymouth's new lease on life transformed the vehicle to a Hot Rod with a 383 stoker with inglese 8 stack electronic fuel injection system, 350 turbo trans, Mustang 2 front suspension with flaming river rack pinion steering system, 4 link custom made suspension, Ford 8 inch rear differential with auburn posi-track 355 gears, hot rod air AC and heater, auto lock power windows, hidden hinges, shaved door handle, and a complete custom body rebuild. By that description, certified mechanic, Wilson has created a masterpiece in a class all it's own. 

"It took about five years to build. I rebuilt the engine , transmission and rear end with some guidance and I built the body with three good friends. I really enjoy going to car shows whenever I can," commented Wilson having designed a custom trailer just for Big Bucks to travel safely. 

Earlier in the year, Wilson was featured in Garage Shots Magazine as seen in the above photo. And with all the many awards and accolades Wilson has won, the meat of the matter comes down to a rare drive from within, a desire to bring a dream into fruition, producing a sweet ride, a magnificent creation, a labour of love and although this Hot Rod earned the name, Big Bucks, as any true hearted classic car lover will tell you, "It's not about the money!" 

Wilson is hoping to attend Shelburne's Classic Car and Motorcycle show this upcoming June 2015. With skill drive and determination the likes of Wilson, we can only hope he doesn't enter the Bed Races!

For more information on Garage Shots Magazine, check out their website at 

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Recycled Teenagers Classic Car & Truck Club  Inc.

The Recycled Teenagers Car &Truck Club Inc. is based in Alliston, Ontario. As Shelburne doesn't have a Club up and running and with Alliston being just a twenty minute drive away, the The Recycled Teenagers Classic Car & Truck Club attracts members from across the Dufferin area. 

A brief history reveals humble beginnings with a few members in 1989 under the leadership of Darrell and Sheena Knowlton and Ray Nash who are credited with actually starting the club then known as Alliston Street Toys.  Within seven years, the club was taken over by Bernie Reynolds and by 1998, the club would see a name change that would attract and appeal to current and new members alike, becoming The Recycled Teenagers Classic Car &Truck Club. Changing hands yet again in 2009 saw the club become incorporated consisting of an official Executive Committee, Mel Kerfoot, Dan Lindsay, George Cave, Rose Marie Bown and Gordon Rabjohn.Fast forward to 2012, and the thriving, non-profit charitable organization's Executive Committee consists of Executive Committee Members George Cave, Olli Kauppinen, Joyce Cave, Lynda Forman, and Edd O'Gorman. 

(LtoR) Recycled Teenagers Classic Car and Truck Club Inc. President, George Cave and Director, Edd O'Gorman took time out for an interview with the Shelburne Freelancer explaining what all their hard work is about and just who benefits from it.

"We are a charitable organization. This year we donated two sledges at $800 a piece and four sets of hockey sticks to the Alliston Recreation Centre. It was great. The kids really enjoy playing hockey," commented Cave. 

Having donated $2100 to  Alliston Union Public School's Eat Well to Excel Program and Ernest Cumberland Elementary School for their Breakfast Program, Cave will tell you, it's not all about the money, it's about the charity and the good that happens as a result of all their good work.

With 36 sponsors, the Club is always hoping to attract more members and sponsors.More sponsors translates to to help when raising more money for charity.

"Sponsors are important because they provide us with the ability to present gifts to those who attend the car shows we host. Our car shows are a lot of fun. Winners are chosen by those in attendance. We also offer a 50/50 draw, and give-away bags for all the kids. Kids never go home empty handed,"Cave commented and explained 

further, adding," We run the Alliston Potato Fest Car Show and it's really a lot of fun. Sponsors also help us purchase plaques, trophies, awards etc, to hand out for the winners of the Car Show, and over 213 participants attended last year."

What are the benefits of joining the club?

Cave and O'Gorman are in full agreement when they respond, "It's a lot of fun and the friendships made are irreplaceable!"

The Club has created such a welcoming environment  and with a membership fee as low as $20, many can afford to look forward to meeting every Tuesday evening for "Cruise Nights" at the Canadian Tire on Highway 89 West in Alliston and non- members are always welcome.The Club ends their season with a Club Barbeque. Members so enjoy their time together, they meet every third Sunday from October through to April, during the off season, at Hot Stacks Family Restaurant in Cookstown for breakfast.

 Can you

guess what kind of vehicles

these Classic Car and Truck

owners have?

There is more to this story!


George Cave is the proud owner of this classic 1981 Thunderbird and he is the car's third owner. 

When things are meant to be...  Cave can remember working for a car dealership many years ago and at that time, there was a 1981 Thunderbird on the lot at Don Coffey's Ford Dealership in Schomberg. It undoubtedly , caught Cave's eye. Mildred Jessop won the car  in 1981 during a Lion's Club Car Draw in conjunction with Coffey's Dealership, unfortunately for Cave who never forgot that car.  Many car lovers will admit to having a long memory for certain cars loved and lost, and Cave is no different, except...

Years later,in 2006, Margaret Maitland, Cave's sister- in- law, placed a phone call. She notified Cave that if he didn't come over and look at this car she had, she was going to sell it. Imagine his surprise to arrive and see that very same 1981 Thunderbird. When his sister-in- law told him  she bought it from Mrs. Jessop, he already knew she would say that. A flood of memories came back to Cave as he stood connecting the dots that spanned many years, two previous owners, finally returning to him. A long way to go just to wind up back where you came from some would say. 

"I knew it immediately when I saw it, even after not seeing it for twenty years," Cave commented, still amazed at his good fortune. "I've redone the interior, and repainted, brought it back to it's original, interior and exterior. I even replaced the tires with tires from the same era." Cave still chuckles to remember, "It only had 5,300 hundred miles on it! It's been to Syracuse New York, for the Syracuse International in 2012, ventured to Brighton's Apple Fest Car Show in 2013,where Cave and O'Gorman met the Count from Counting Cars Television Show, Mount Forest, Tottenham and many more car shows."

OLD EDD(AKA Ed O'Gorman) has his own personalized licence plate! 

What could be more fitting for the hood of a classic Dodge Ram? Old Edd nailed it! This is a spectacular feat of impressive artwork worth the trip to one of the cruise nights just to see. This years end of the Club's Season finished off with their Annual  Barbeque held at the O'Gorman's. "It's a lot of fun. Sure we raise money for charities, but when we're together, we have a lot of laughs, talk cars, even help each other out," commented O'Gorman. 

Now imagine for a moment that you are a classic car lover and you take a step outside your front door and you see this? 

 Talk about a "pinch yourself to see if you're dream'n" moment!

Now, if the above was enough to convince you to contact the car club, 

how about some information?

Contact George Cave, at 905-963-2963, Louise Store at 705-250-0523, Howard King at 705-435-2663, or 

 Lynda Foreman at 705-424-0690. Remember the Club meets every Tuesday for 18 weeks beginning May 19th through to September 15th. Sponsors needed!  Sponsors do receive a certificate of thanks in appreciation for all donations.Presently sponsors are needed for donations of coupons, hats, t-shirts, key rings, pens, or whatever you as a sponsor deems appropriate to provide to help the Recycled Teenagers Classic Car & Truck Club Inc. have its most successful year yet!

 And remember, "It's A Lot Of Fun!"

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When you love'm, YOU REALLY LOVE'M!

First featured in Motoring Magazine, this classic 1953 Monarch owned by Shelburnite, Ken McAlpine has a story all it's own and as most car lovers will readily admit, there is always a story.

Need a reprieve from winter? 
"Bring Back Those Lazy Crazy Hazy Days of Summer!"

Classic Car owners and long time friends, Ken McApline and Neil MacKay kick back during one of those lazy hazy crazy days of a Shelburne balmy summer afternoon in 2014 surrounded by classic cars.

 Now That's something to raise a cool glass of diet coke for!

Bring Back Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer! A friendship 50 years in the making began with a 1949 Chevy in 1964 when local classic car lover, Ken McAlpine was first introduced to Neil MacKay. Fast friends, fast cars, classic cars, roadsters, farm equipment, these friends have seen just about every type of motorized vehicle together.

Passing time with a great friend is irreplaceable but passing time with a great friend and classic cars is an addiction worth sharing. Together these friends have faced life’s ups and downs and through it all they had each other and their shared passion for cars, many, many cars.

McAlpine, first featured in Motoring Magazine for his love of his 1953 Monarch, a labour of love to refinish, eventually in a heat of the moment decision, thinking he needed a change, decided to sell his beloved Monarch and carry on in the pursuit of other classic cars. Later, upon seeing his Monarch refinished, his heart pulled those classic car lover heart strings and he could not help himself. There was only one thing to be done; buy back his beloved car! As classic car lovers will readily admit, and most men will agree, there is just something special about the relationship between a man and his car. On a balmy summer afternoon in Shelburne, McKay brought a car for his friend to see, a 164 Cubic inch, 110 H.P.,Six Cylinder, Box Air Cooled, Twin Carborators, Two Speed Automatic, 1965 Corvair! An absolute feat of engineering ingenuity and this baby was built for speed.

“The Corvair motor is based on an aircraft engine,” MacKay explained. “It’s a 6 cylinder. The gas goes in front and the motor is in the back. It’s a real marvel! It’s air cooled and the gear shift is on the dash, pistons are horizontally opposed.”

The Corvair was also shrouded in controversy in its day as it was reputed difficult to control because of the rear drive engine, making it unsafe for the road. Still the Corvair endured and MacKay explains why so many invest in cars from any genre commenting, “A Classic car is one of the best investments you can make. It will appreciate in value and you can drive your investment, unlike banking investments. It’s a pleasure to drive and it can take you back in time.”

McAlpine agreed explaining, “These cars bring me back to my youth, my first car, and my dad, so it brings back memories. The old cars are so easy to drive and easy to know what you are looking at when you open it up. When you open the hood on these new cars, you don’t know where to begin.”

The only sad thing about being a classic lover as McAlpine points out, “You can’t own’m all!” Truer words may never have been spoken as McKay’s Corvair has gone international, now residing in Poland. But Classic Car lovers and long time friends like McKay and McAlpine have only a couple months to wait before Mother Nature brings back those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer and the hunt without a doubt, begin yet again!

Neil MacKay shows off the 1965 Corvair with its engine in the back, an engineering feat of marvel from design to performance!

Photographs by Alex Sher, The Shelburne Freelancer, Sharing Shelburne With The World! 

Shelburnite and Classic Car owner, Ken McAlpine revels over the 1965 Corvair.

When you are friends with a classic car lover for 50 years, you may recieve a T-shirt just like this from your friend. In this case, even though Ken McAlpine might disagree, the shirt only reveals a truth!

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Oh,She Is A Thing Of Beauty!

 Oh, She Is A Thing of Beauty!

This classic car is a break your neck, head turner when driving by and not to be missed. Local Shelburnite, Lou China spared no expense in his 8 years of enduring labour of love for this 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air that was professionally painted in a Candy Cherry Red colour personally created by local business owner of Paint Werx, Derek Young.

“Definitely a challenge working on imported cars in the way of finding parts, but it’s worth it and these cars are fun to work on. They are not going to be around again,” commented China, adding, “This car was car of the year in 1957 and in most demand.”

China noted this $45,000 project had a lot of challenges but finding Chrome was difficult and he went to Detroit just to acquire bumpers. “Everything thing has been replaced, motor, transmission, rear-end, and a complete all new interior. I’ll never get my money out of it, unless the price is right,” commented China.

This beauty has all the bells and whistles and is such an eye catcher! Don't try to achieve this colour at home, kids! Young is a professional and artisan supreme in nature. To attain this color took an entire week to process and complete and as Young explained, “It’s a complicated five layer process and this allows the car to look very different in different light.”

Perhaps China sums it up best when reflecting on the cost, time, and labour involved as he proudly looks at his classic car, commenting, “The beauty is the end product.”

For more information, contact Derek Young at Paint Werx at 519-925-9703 located at 713 Industrial Rd, Shelburne.

(Lto R)Shelburne business owner of Paint Werx, Derek Young stands with local Classic Car owner, Lou China in front of Young's latest feat of magnificence, this 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air.

WOW! What A Surprise!

Shelburnite, Jim Bates with his1981 GMC C10 treasure. From top to bottom this project gets a ten out ten as every inch of this vehicle is one fabulous surprise after another!

Surprise! Surprise!

Every now and then life holds a little happy surprise right around the corner and this 1981 Fiery Red GMC C10 is just the ticket. Owner Jim Bates of Shelburne, once built Hot Rods as a hobby and it’s clear with just one look at this masterpiece of artwork, experience really does matter in the decision making process when souping up any vehicle.

“The engine is a 502, originally a crate engine and I did a few modifications from there. The rad is now 4 core stainless steel, 3 inch stainless steel ehaust, 4 inches lowered suspension, new interior,” Bates explains, noting he has only had the vehicle that he picked up outside of Oakville for only three years, adding, “Mainly, I’ve done the drive train, engine gauges, transmission, have Mickey Thompson Tires on the back right now, which is an open end back and it’s been completely tubbed.”

Clearly proud of this vehicle, like any true artisan, when it comes to the paint job, there’s a lot to see beginning with the beautiful gold flecks shimmering throughout the paint. The artwork in the design of the mural is impressive to say the least and Bates is keenly aware of its high end quality, covering it with a protective blanket even in doors.

“It’s nice to see people bringing them back to life,” commented Bates sighting television shows like Counting Cars as contributing to the new trend. “It’s a lot of money but it’s something for me to do. In the future I was thinking about a Harley for my next project, even an old 32 Coupe, but I’ve spent over $30,000 on this truck so I’m good for now. Back yard barn finds are rare to come by.”

When asked how pleased he is with this vehicle on a scale from one to ten, Bates freely admits an overwhelming ten!

Classic Car Highlights from 2014 
Dufferin County Museum &Archives
Vintage Car &Motorcyle Show

Shelburne's Fall Fair Classic Cars 2014

Shelburne's Classic Car & Motor Cycle Show
 During Street Festival 2014

Roadsters, Muscle Cars, Classic Cars, THE OLDEST CAR-
 Shelburne Had'm All!

And For Motorcycle enthusiasts? 2014 was good-2015's G'onna Be Great!